Stadia ER

Stadia ER is a revolutionary new product that resolves turf damage and residual build-up for the multiuse sports field arena. Stadia ER Colour is an erasable liquid that has been specifically designed to apply a line or logo (by either transfer marker, airless sprayer, paint pad or broom) for one discipline and then be removed for another.

Stadia ER will not erase in the rain, provides a nice bright line and requires the patented application of the remover solution before it can be erased. Environmentally safe, Stadia ER is the answer for any multi use venue. It will save time and money, as there will no longer be a need to ‘green out’, is beneficial to the appearance of the ground and allows the grass to breathe and grow.

Stadia ER is for those venues hosting two or more sporting disciplines allowing you to professionally mark the required lines and logos cleanly and with ease. Available in a range of colours.